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just one kiss
Megamind beard
i spent way more time on this than i planed... this was going to just be a sketch  i did while listing to some music but it turned out pretty
good so i did the line art then thought might as well add flat colour and before you knew it it was shaded lol oops . ha ha. it was all done
in photoshop CS 5 free and with my tablet (the BG is a screen cap for the movie).  wanted to draw something with some tension hope i got the emotions i wanted in the pic

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that's lookin' purdy sexy there! i love that she's tugging on his shirt. :D and awesome job on the colouring and shading! *hai5* keep it up! <3

thank you I was listing to "sexy" music when i was sketching ;) tired to get lots of detain and good shadows in. :D thank you

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