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Why Mrs Ritchi I belive blue is you're colour
been poking at this for a week now would have been done on the weekend but i messed up the line are and had to redo it O_o.. oh well
i love the idea of 
Megamind and Roxanne working together weather it's for the greater good or the greater good of evil ;) and by the looks of the com earlier I'm not the only one.. he he I wanted them to have matching outfits (Awww how cute...umm i mean evil) i tried to make hers more feminine tho. now she's dressed for crimfighting or ruling as evil queen.

theres 2 wallpapers the first one is for full screen the second widscreen and then icons :)



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LIZA!!! *flails* you posted on you LJ! YAY! <3

I know wow!! i posted the pic on the Megamind com here on live journal and mentined the wallpapers i made and people wanted them so i thought i would post them on my LJ and link to them not to double post the pic on the com. altho i should do a proper intro post too at some point o_O he he

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