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Megamind beard
just got back from vacation and had some time for art so naturaly i drew me some megamind art! ^_^
here are a few sketches i did ^_^ there is more but it's for a biger project that i'm working on in my spare time and don't want to give it away just yet ^_~
now on the da art

some sketches

an idea i had wondered what he would look like some major 5 oclock shadow

and last but not least somthing as close to sexy time as i have goten with my art wee porn weekends!!

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oh noes! you're becoming one of those porn-crazy fan artists!!! XD
these are great! i like the lip-biting expression. <3 and i also like that top sketch where he's leaning towards her. :D

ha ha ha shield you're inocent eyes!! 0_0 thats as prony as my art gets tho. i was going for a key fram feel for that first one

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